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In honor of those unsuspecting Web surfers who've injured their foreheads falling asleep when they tried to read past versions of this page, I've shortened it up a bit... (but you probably wouldn't guess that based on the amount ot text still littering this page.)

After getting my art degree, I spent several years doing art at various jobs in Florida, then came up with the brilliant idea to drive across the country to California and seek fame and fortune as a Web Designer, cleverly making my attempt not long before the dot.com crash. Along with my keen ability to write run-on sentences, my timing was as sharp as ever; and after working at a Web design agency for a little over a year, web jobs and freelance work dried up. Now I'm just another fish swimming in a sea of artist wanna-be's while I try to make a living. I briefly considered drawing up a nice "Will Work for Food" sign, but I couldn't find an unoccupied street corner.

These days I work primarily doing graphic design, logos, and t-shirt art. I don't really keep up with web work anymore other than maintenance on a few sites, but I stay plenty busy working from home on freelance art, taking care of the the wife and house, and racing my 1968 Camaro.

The hghlight of my life so far in California has been getting married to KaTrina. We met through our mutual interest in drag racing, so her understanding of the time it takes up is a big help in keeping the peace.

I had a great time drag racing my Dakota pickup while my Camaro was stored in Florida, and I managed to score two track championships and a second place finish with it. The truck has since been retired from racing, and I now run my Camaro. It was in storage for almost a decade before I moved to a house with a garage to keep it in again, but I finally got it up and running, and I've done pretty well with it since, winning a third track championship in 2008, and another in 2020.

That's all for now...

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