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This is my page about drag racing, or more specifically, bracket racing. Now called the Summit ET Racing Series, it's driver against driver, either for money, trophies, practice, or as it sometimes is in my case, abject humiliation. But it's always fun, and sometimes even profitable, at least if you just look at the short term.

In addition to the thrill of speed and competition, much of the appeal of drag racing is that anyone can do it, and win on any given day, with most any car, regardless of your budget. All you need is the entry fee and whatever vehicle you already have (assuming it meets a few basic safety standards). Thanks to the modern handicap system, you don't have to spend the most money or have the fastest car to win, be competitive, or just have fun. You can find out more, including the location of a local dragstrip in your area, by checking out the web sites of the two main sanctioning bodies in drag racing, the NHRA and the IHRA. There's also a fine web site called The Staging Light that has some excellent bracket racing information.

My Rides

Click here to see my 1994 Dodge Dakota 1968 Camaro
Click to see my Dakota 68 Camaro

To find out more about my vehicles and the sport that I spend so much time and money on, click on the images or text links above. You'll see photos and info about my Dodge Dakota pickup truck that I was racing from 1999 through 2007, or my street/strip race car, a 1968 Camaro that I've been racing once again since May of 2008.

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Last Updated August 27, 2022
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