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Here are a few links to sites I've found interesting or useful. I've tried to reduce this list down to something more reasonable than what I posted previously. Think of this page as the "Reader's Digest" version. I do try to have a life outside the web, so if you find any broken links before I do, please let me know. With all the other priorities in my life now, me maintaining this particular page is necessarily low on the list...

These links will open in the existing browser window. To return to my site, hit the "back" button in your browser.

Helpful PC tools, tips, and software I've found invaluable. Most of it is for Windows XP, I need to update this....

Mike Lin - Small, incredibly useful utilities. Don't miss the Startup Monitor, and Startup Control Panel.
Gibson Research - Protect (and test) your computer against hacker access, and more good utilities.

Firefox - I supported Internet Explorer until version 7 ruined it. Save yourself and the Web, use this instead.
Spyware Blaster - Be proactive, prevent spyware from running before it has a chance to install.
CCleaner - Clean the crap, sludge, and junk files that collect in your computer's hard drive and registry.
Foxit Reader - Escape from Adobe's bloated Acrobat Reader software with this lightweight PDF utility.
DSL Reports - All things broadband. Check the "Tools" section for some excellent tools and tweaks.
PowerToys - Must-have add-ons for WindowsXP.
Scot's Newsletter - More useful computer information. Covers hardware and software for PC and MAC.

The best of my favorite hobby.

EZ-Plate Systems - Quick-change restrictor plates for Index, Open Comp, and Super class drag racing.
Andys Tees - Hot Rod T-shirts for the well dressed car fanatic.
DragRaceResults - News, information, and an excellent forum on Drag Racing
The Staging Light - The Internet guide to Bracket Racing.
Dakota Mailing List - The complete parts and tech guide for those of you fortunate enough to own a Dakota pickup.
F&B Throttlebodies - Performance engineered products for Dodge Magnum, 4.7L, Viper, and Jeep engines.
Sonoma Raceway - Formerly Infineon orSears Point Raceway. Featuring drag racing, road racing, Nascar, ets.
Sonoma Dragstrip Forum - Join and post your comments, or just read what others have to say.
Weather in Sonoma - Heading out to the races at Infineon? Check the weather here first.
NHRA - More drag racing news, from the National Hot Rod Association's viewpoint.
FastMan EFI - Your source for Electronic Fuel Injection systems and conversions.
AlanHorvath.com - Excellent auto electrical info. Read the section on fusible links.
Mad Electrical - How to wire your street or race car the right way. Great technical info and parts.

Friends to visit on the Web.

NakedComix.com - Friend and fellow artist James Courtney, check out his cool vector illustration style.
Eric Lubin - A friend of mine from Florida, he shares his humor of raising two children.
Classmates - Find your old high school friends here, and sign up yourself!

Local info for San Francisco and Northern California.

Feeling Shaky? - Check out the source of a Bay Area earthquake here.
Bay Area Backroads - Your guide to travel, the outdoors, and entertainment in the Bay Area.

A little of this, a little of that, and some of the other.

F & R Fine Arts - Beautiful Japanese woodblock prints. The perfect gift for yourself or someone special.
Freecycle - Do your part to keep useful items out of our landfills - and get free stuff!
Merriam-Webster - Dictionary, thesaurus, and other useful stuff.
Find Articles - A vast archive of magazine articles that you can search for free.

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